About me

Amateurs worry about the equipment…
Professionals worry about the money…
Masters worry about the light…
I just take pictures….

Mete Özbek was born in Ankara, Turkey on September 13th, 1966. He started his photography journey when he was 16 years old with a Lubitel medium format analog. During the years till 2008 February, he worked with analog negatives and positives. From 2008 he also uses DSLR in his works.

His photographs have been featured in some digital and printed magazines in Turkey and abroad. Also have received awards in various competitions, like Turkish Cultural Ministery, Lee Make History – Italy, local intercities competitions and have been featured in some exhibitions in Turkey and also in Argentina.

He is currently trying to finish his “About Life” documentary project work and bring it to life.

His philosophy for life is “loving the creatures for the Creator” and he tries to show that in his works.

9 responses to “About me

  1. one of the best photographer I know, who is one of my best friend and that helps me in my ambitious project to become the director of a Group of photographers who love Black and White photography. Mete You are my soul and inspiration

  2. Hi Mete

    I saw your works and I really like it, so I would like to inform you that it’s just born a new photographic network


    it would be nice if you may join us.

    We want an high quality network. It’s for free, it’s not a commercial site

    High quality view! Try it in widescreen

  3. Hi Mete,

    Your work is beautiful and inspiring. The images are so precise with great lighting and much of it shows your big heart and loving eyes.


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